Dipl.-Ing. Christian Böhm - Aerospace Engineer and Commercial Pilot

Christian was born 1976 in Frankfurt, Germany. He graduated from Darmstadt's University of Technology in 2003 with a masters degree in mechanical engineering (Dipl.-Ing.), specialized on aviation technology. In addition, Christian holds a FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate with both instrument- and multi-engine class rating since 1996.

From the beginning of his professional career in 2003 Christian works as a consultant for the aviation industry. His focus is on software development, data analysis and engineering services. Being a passionate engineer and a skilled pilot, he is able to produce solutions, which fit the end-user be it on the flight line or in the flight training environment.

In 2002 Christian was awarded the "Reinhard Abraham - Lufthansa Stiftungspreis" by the German aviation and aerospace society (DGLR) for a study focusing on collision avoidance in commercial and airline flight operations.