Dipl.-Ing. Gabor Csapo - Experimental Test Pilot and Aerospace Engineer

Gabor was born 1965 in Budapest, Hungary. He studied aerospace engineering at Berlin's University of Technology and graduated in 1994 with the development of a numerical method to calculate, describe and assess the performance of aerobatic aircraft. His university education was complemented by professional pilot training and also in 1994 Gabor earned his German Airline Transport Licence (ATPL).

His career started as a Co-Pilot on ATR 42/72 Turboprops with Eurowings. Presently, he is flying as a Captain on Boeing 737. He has accumulated a total of 8000 flight hours. Type ratings include the Learjet and the Boeing B 747-400 Jumbo Jet. He is a certified flight instructor and aviation quality auditor. However, Gabor's passion is to combine engineering and flying. He holds a class 2 test pilot license, has worked as an Experimental Test Pilot for Aquila Aviation and was Head of Flight Test with Diamond Aircraft Industries.

Gabor is AVIGATE's expert for flight dynamics and flight test. In addition his experience in different types of aeroplanes is an add-on when it comes to the design and evaluation of cockpits, avionics and flight training systems.