Innovation Management

In dynamic and high-tech industries like aviation and aerospace, Innovation Management is a key to success. This is especially true for small and medium-sized enterprises, where innovation is the competitive edge in a global market.

Innovation is not just an invention
Innovation is the result of a company's efforts to develop new products, new services, new business models or processes in which their customers see an added value, and for which these customers are willing to pay a price. Hence, innovation has to be embedded in the business process by systematic Innovation Management. Only then innovation will contribute to the company's sustainable growth.

IMP3rove approach
AVIGATE takes the holistic IMP3rove approach to improve your innovation success. IMP3rove is an initiative of the European Commission to secure and strengthen the competitive position of small and medium-sized enterprises. IMP3rove covers all dimensions of Innovation Management including:

• Innovation strategy
• Innovation organization and culture
• Innovation Management processes
• Enabling factors (e.g. management of human resources, knowledge and projects)

Self-Assessment free of charge
Take the first step of the well structured IMP3rove process and do an online self-assessment free of charge. As a result you receive a Benchmarking Report comparing your company with the average of your benchmarking class as well as with the growth champions of your sector.

Consulting Workshop
The self-assessment is followed by a face-to-face consulting workshop. The Benchmarking Report will provide direction where and how you should develop your company to secure its future. Together with an AVIGATE Innovation Management expert you will develop - and later on implement - a roadmap for improving your company's Innovation Management performance.

After 9 months the long-term impact of the services provided is assessed in order to ensure their sustainability. At this stage the impact is measured based on performance measures.

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