Human Centred Systems Engineering − Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)
• Design and Evaluation of manual control principles for UAV

Human Centred Systems Engineering − Cockpit and Air Traffic Control
• Synthetic Vision Head-Down-, Head-Up- and Head-Mounted-Displays
• Interactive Navigation Display for future transport aircraft
• Human-Machine-Interface for a Laser Radar Obstacle Warning System (LADAR-OWS)
• Stereoscopic Air Traffic Controller Display

Human Centred Systems Engineering − Flight Simulators
• Virtual Reality Flight Training System
• Stereoscopic Visual Projection System
• Advanced Instructor Operators Station (A-IOS)

Human Centred Systems Engineering − Education
• Course on Human Machine Interaction at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW)

Business Development
• Management of Central European business development activities for KEYTOS AS
• Concept for an Eurocopter EC 135 Flight and Navigation Procedures Trainer type III MCC (FNPT III MCC)

Innovation Management
• Innovation Management Consulting for Demig Process Control GmbH

Flight Simulator Qualification
• Beech King Air flight test
• Austria: 3 FNPT II, 1 FNPT II MCC
• Belgium: 2 FNPT II
• Germany: 8 FNPT II, 2 FNPT II MCC
• Norway: 2 FNPT II, 1 FNPT II MCC
• Poland: 2 FNPT II
• United Kingdom: 5 FNPT II
• Slovenia: 2 FNPT II, 1 FNPT II MCC
• Spain: 1 FNPT II MCC
• Sweden: 1 FNPT II
• Switzerland: 1 FNPT II

Executive Search
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