Räumliche Darstellung von Flugführungsinformationen in Head-Mounted Displays -
Spatial Depiction of Flight Guidance Information in Head-Mounted Displays

Peter M. Lenhart, Ergonomia Verlag, Stuttgart
published 2006, 168 pages, ISBN: 978-3-935089-88-3 (ISBN until 2006: 3-935089-88-0)

A pictorial representation of flight guidance information reduces the cognitive workload of the pilot. Particularly a three-dimensional view generated by a Synthetic Vision System (SVS) shall prevent a loss of situation awareness. The use of a Head-Mounted Display (HMD) promises thereby crucial advantages. Installed at the head of the pilot it projects all information into his direct field of view. The transparent screen revokes the separation of synthetic and real view. Binocular optics permit a stereoscopic projection.
In this book, the author develops the principles for a spatial depiction of flight guidance information in Head-Mounted Displays. He studies the stereoscopic perception with collimated Head-Mounted Displays, derives design principles and shows, how existing display formats are adapted to a Head-Mounted Display. He describes the substantial steps, which have to be considered for the integration of a Head-Mounted Display into an existing cockpit environment. Finally he examines the potential and the limits of the spatial representation by the example of a Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System (TCAS).

The book is available in German only and can be ordered via the book trade or directly from the publisher Ergonomia Verlag.