Qualification of Flight Simulation Training Devices (FSTD)

Pilots can only log required training time in flight simulators, which are certified by the responsible aviation authority. In order for a simulator to be officially certified as a Flight Simulation Training Device (FSTD), the simulator operator has to demonstrate that the simulators performance matches that of the aircraft which is being simulated. In doing so, the fidelity of the simulation has to match the specific criteria of the aspired FSTD category. The Qualification Test Guide (QTG) is the primary reference document used for evaluating a FSTD. It contains detailed test procedures, validation data and test results, statements of compliance and other information to assess if the FSTD meets the test criteria. An Engineering Report shall show that the proposed validation data are representative of the aircraft or the class of aircraft modelled. This report may include flight test data, manufacturer's design data, information from the aircraft flight manual and maintenance manuals, results of approved or commonly accepted simulations or predictive models, recognized theoretical results, information from the public domain, or other sources as deemed necessary by the FSTD manufacturer to substantiate the proposed model.

AVIGATE service for FSTD Operators and Manufacturers
• development of qualification test procedures
• preparation of the initial QTG
• preparation of the Engineering Report
• preparation, conduct and analysis of flight tests
• training of qualification personnel
• support in the certification process

AVIGATE service for Aviation Authorities
• assistance in the rulemaking process
• assistance in the certification process