Flying an aircraft comes down to three essential tasks:
aviate, navigate, communicate

A safe, efficient and pleasant flight requires a proper aircraft and a skilled pilot. The right flight training system is mandatory for the pilot to develop his skills. A human centred cockpit design is necessary that the pilot can exploit his skills.

AVIGATE is an aviation consultancy with a human centred perspective. We assist manufacturers of aircraft, avionics or flight training systems to design and market the optimum product and to recruit the right people for their organization. We assist aircraft operators and flight training organisations to select the optimum avionics, cockpit layout or flight training system. We assist aviation authorities in the rulemaking and certification process. For this purpose, we provide consulting services in the following business areas:

Human Centred Systems Engineering

Executive Search

Business Development

Innovation Management

Flight Simulator Qualification

We are specialized on enterprises which want to built up or expand their aerospace and aviation competence.

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